End-to-End 2003

and how I failed to complete it


Early in 2003 I spotted an advertisement for an End-to-End run which would be conducted at a pace I thought would be pretty tough and a worthwhile challenge, organised by Colin Langdon. As my annual leave allowance was fully committed for family holidays and so on I applied for Special Leave to undertake the ride. I was confident that my mean-spirited employers would refuse so I wouldn't actually have to do it. They proved me wrong again by not only agreeing but actively encouraging the effort; so that was that.

As of now these web pages are a work-in-progress; check back later and there may be more.

Roy Gardiner at John O'Groats 27th July 2003

Many people are motivated by charity to complete an EtoE. Not me. The objectives were

The tour suited me because it was to be conducted at reasonable speed and, most important, was vehicle supported. Carrying luggage on a bike is not my idea of fun, whereas bunging kit into a trailer for someone else to look after seems most reasonable. This was for me one of the most succesful aspects of the event, as you'll see if you read on. On these pages you will be able to get a day by day record, my views on what was good and those bits I didn't like.

The results so far (first week) are by turns predictable and mystifying



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