The good things -- E-to-E 03


It's not easy to spot when things go right: you get in your car and set off, it works, no problem. You probably think nothing of it. The same is true of this tour; there is so much there that worked that the best way to appreciate it all is to list the relevant points.

The bus from Edinburgh ran to time (as best it could), had enough seats, had enough storage for the bikes and was as reasonably comfortable as could be expected.
All were of good standard and (with only one exception) very easy to find at the end
This is perhaps the most powerful plus-point of the tour; the support provided by Jimmy Cullen was 1st class and better. Just a two examples:
  • Our kit was always unloaded and ready at the hotels; in the one case where he was allowed to check us it - the final place near Land's end - he took all our luggage to the rooms. Carrying several lots of heavy cases over sometimes two flights of stairs is above and beyond the call of duty.
  • He always found us good cafe stops. For those who know how rare a cyclist-friendly cafe now is, this is some feat. On at least one occasion he persuaded one to stay open for at least another hour to accomodate cold and wet bikies.

But the main thing was we always knew he'd be there if we needed help. A great feeling on long runs like this one.
Route planning
The routes were meticulously planned by Colin and the directions, especially in the big towns, were perfect and directed us through the least inconvenient part of the urban sprawl. It's pretty clear that someone had to ride or maybe drive the vast majority of, if not all of, the whole route. That's some planning.


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