The bad things -- E-to-E 03


The negative aspects of this run were nothing to do with the organisation, which was 1st class. The bad things are inevitable results of doing and End-to-End in 7 days at 125 miles per day, and are.

Main roads
The route would be too long if side roads were used. Main roads are not conducive to friendly or safe cycling. We spent hundreds of miles in single file because it was not possible to ride two abreast as one would expect. This makes the journey long and boring. It also makes proper pace-changing difficult
The cities are in the way, and on the 7-day programme we chose cannot really be avoided. But they slow down the average speed.
The combination of main roads (boring single file), towns and cities (slow), means that This 125 miles a day run could be improved, I believe, by extending it to 8 or 9 days, but still 125+ per day thus allowing the route to be varied to take in many more minor roads and to avoid cities and towns. Obviously it would have impact on cost and people's ability to take the time - covering two weekends - but maybe it's worth a try.

Notice no mention of the weather; because you can't contol it. But I'd bring full cold and wet weather gear with me next time, whatever the forecast said!



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Last updated: 4 Aug 2003



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