Day 6 -- E-to-E 03


Day 6 was a very difficult day for navigation; getting to Chepstow wasn't too bad, but thereafter through Bristol was a series of stops to check the route. I was coming to realise that one needs both an annotated map and Colin Langdon's detailed instructions available. The map is good for getting through the countryside, but in towns the street-by-street notes are essential.

It goes without saying by now that the weather was cloudy and depressing. We got away without being soaked today, but the sun first became visible at about a quarter past eight. In the evening, that is.

Cheddar Gorge really is something, and we were all very glad that we went down it, not up. At the top it's still unspoiled and spectacular, indeed it does not become packed with tourists until right near the bottom. A fabulous descent, but not one you can really let go on when the road's wet. Shame.

Bridewater and Taunton fairly slow (and yet another slight off-course in Bridgewater) combined to keep the pace down yet again; but the last ten miles or so to Exeter were pleasant as the sun finally made a (subdued) appearance.


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