Day 5 -- E-to-E 03


We didn't see the sun all day and had more freezing rain. We had somehow managed to pick the coldest week of three in between two hot spells. If we'd realised that by this time the following week (the first week in August) the whole country would be basking in 25-30 degree heat, we'd have been even more depressed. If possible.

Once again the towns slowed us down dramatically, Shrewsbury in particular being very awkward to get around safely. And the traffic! Jammed solid throughout the town.

Very tired cyclists indeed, after 5 full days on the road, arrived down at Ross-on-Wye, very grateful indeed that no navigation at all was needed to find the hotel - there it was, right on the outskirts of town. Funny what becomes important after 120 miles.


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Last updated: 7 Aug 2003



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