Day 2 -- E-to-E 03


Day two started v-e-r-y s-lo-w-l-y indeed. A lot of tired and stiff legs from the day before plus a long climb out of Inverness ensured the pace was low.


As we see here, rather appropriately in the disabled bay (are jokes like that OK nowadays?) left to right Dennis, Greg, Jimmy, Marion and Kevin

Waiting for the off

The climbs were less severe than Day 1 until the Pass of Drumcotchter, an endless main-road drag. Some of us took to the cycle path just because it was safer, although it works out slower. But the incredible descent along the dual carriageway A9 (almost) made up for it.

In the cafe

Jimmy finds the top cafe again. Marion on the left, Roger in the middle and Rutland CC Chris on the right. The locals look on in amazement.


Then the rain started. It was cold and miserable at the end, and a reminder to me that you should always stop and cape-up before you get too cold and wet to make it worthwhile. Being fully kitted-up and too warm is always better, for me, than being too cold. The day ended in a pretty downbeat note in Perth.


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