Day 1 -- E-to-E 03


The first day dawned warm, sunny and calm. T-shirt weather at 06.30 -- I'm told this is unusual at John O'Groats. To say the least!

We had a fine breakfast, mounted up and headed to the signpost for photos. Our first mechanical trouble came on the return, before we'd made it back as far as the B&B, making us perhaps the first team to go backwards from the start before the first halt of the day.


The scenery was all one could hope for, and more. Yet not the cliche of 'Scottish Highlands' but, where we were anyway, vast expanses of green under a sunny, warm sky.

And who would put a cafe forty miles from John O'Groats? But there we were, plus Jimmy and the support van. What could be better?

Jimmy, the support van and some cyclists
40 miles from John O'Groats

Yes it really was that good.


For the rest of the day we had no real trouble. A good few climbs, a couple of which really were were tough enough. The descents werefast and exciting on good roads. Over the bridge at Shoreton and the long climb to Duncantston with just ten miles to go was a bite in the leg we didn't need, but the North of Scotland must be considered cyclist-friendly if only because of the lack of traffic.

The navigation from John O'Groats to Inverness is fairtly simple

and combined with the nice weather we cracked on nicely and arrived in good time, around 18.30. Plenty of time for a warm shower before dinner, in great contrast to later days.

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