Show list

The Show list is an alternative way of limiting the number of lines shown on the screen; if you have not already done so, you should read about Show before continuing here.

Type a list of the groups you want to see next to the Show List heading All the lines in every group are shown, and no others. This feature, unlike using the SH and HI prefix commands, does not show the first line of each group; to restore the first lines, type H on the command line.
     There does not have to be a perfect match between the Show List and entries under the Show heading. In this example:

DDF 1.0 ------------- USERID1 Jun 1994 -------  ROW 1 FROM nnn
Command ===>                                 Scroll ===>PAGE
Show list >                                                 <
Cmd  Member   Text                     Description   Show
     FRED     PROJ1.QUAL2.QUAL3.QUAL4                ABC
              PROJ1.LEVEL2.QUAL3.QUAL4               ABC
              PROJ2.QUAL2.QUAL3.QUAL4                ABC
              YET.ANOTHER.LEVEL                      P1
     XYZ      PROJ3.ANOTHER.DATSET                   RST

if you had entered AB in the Show List above, then all lines with a show field starting AB would be shown, i.e. projects ABC and ABD.. This feature can be used to create groups and subgroups of datasets, entirely under your control.
      Note that if you enter a Show List value for which there are no matches, a new line will be created for you, so that the new Show group can be created.


Last updated: 21 Jan 2002