When you first use DDF you will only have a half dozen or so datasets on your display. But as you get used to it, you will soon find that you have more than one screen's worth and you will be continuously scrolling up and down searching for the ones you want, which becomes irritating and time consuming. The Show heading allows you to of organise the display to group logically related datasets together and either show or exclude them from the display as you choose.For example:

DDF 1.0 ------------- USERID1 Jun 1994 -------  ROW 1 FROM nnn
Command ===>                                 Scroll ===>PAGE
Show list >                                                 <
Cmd  Member   Text                     Description   Show
     FRED     PROJ1.QUAL2.QUAL3.QUAL4                ABC
              PROJ1.LEVEL2.QUAL3.QUAL4               ABC
              PROJ2.QUAL2.QUAL3.QUAL4                ABC
              YET.ANOTHER.LEVEL                      P1
     XYZ      PROJ3.ANOTHER.DATSET                   RST

You can type anything under the Show heading to identify related datasets, as in the display above where all the ABC project's datasets are grouped together. There are no special values that you have to enter under Show; numbers and special characters are just as good as letters. The Show column determines the order that the datasets are shown; lines with blank Show field of always being at the top of the display. You can control the display with these commands:
On the command line:
Show the first line only in each group
Reorder the lines into the order given by the Show field
Reveal all lines
Prefix commands (under the Cmd heading)
Suppress all following lines that have the same Show field
Reveal all following lines that have the same Show field
If you hide a group of lines, then overtype the Show field on the first line, all the following hidden lines inherit the new Show value.

You can thus quickly reorder the complete display:

You can now use the SH and HI prefix commmands to show the individual lines in each group. See also Show list


Last updated: 21 Jan 2002