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This section is my idiosyncratic selection of custom builders I found interesting. Mass producers are not (intentionally) included here. That's why there's no Bianchi, Colnago, whatever. They are superb products and are represented in the Manufacturers page (see menu to the left).

Many of these pages have close argument about what's best: steel, aluminium, titanium, carbon fibre and so on. The most comprehensive analysis seems to me to be The Anvil pages also have lots of discussion on this.

Anvil Bob Jackson Bohemian Bicycle Specialities Calfee Colin Laing Columbine Cycle Works Davidson Don Walker Independent Fabrication Isaac-Carbon Henry James Land Shark Llewellyn Ogle Bicycle Works Omega Parlee Peter White Rich Adams Richard Sachs Serotta Seven Spectrum Steelman Temple Ti Tom Teesdale Trevor Jarvis (TJ) Vernon Barker Cycles Waterford

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Spectrum Strong Serotta
ciclos uno Your number 1 cycle shop


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