Getting started

Assuming that installation is complete, start by typing

        TSO UTCDSM5

on any ISPF command line; there will at first be no datasets in your list. To get some in quickly, use the Add command on the command line, of which there are two options:

    ADD <qualifier>

If you typed     ADD userid01     DDF would select all datasets with that HLQ and you might see something like this:

------------------ Select from dataset prefix list ---  ROW 1 TO 20 OF 85
 Command ===>                                           Scroll ===> HALF

Cmd          Dataset name                          Added?  Show    Type
             USERID01.QUAL021.XMDEC28                     >         >
             USERID01.QUAL02.CLIB                         >         >
             USERID01.CLIB                                >         >
             USERID01.DGIPROT.TABLE                       >         >

Under Cmd you can now type S to select datasets to be added to the display. Don't worry at this stage about putting anything under the Show or Type headings.
      To add lines from the datasets allocated to your session, type ADD ALLOC on the command line. You will now see datasets of different HLQs allocated to your ISPF session.

----------------- Select from allocated data sets -- ROW 1 TO 20 OF 104
Command ===>                                         Scroll ===> HALF

Cmd DDname   Dataset name                          Added? Show     Type
    SYSHELP  SYS3.HELP                                   >         >
             SYS1.HELP                                   >         >
    SMPTABL  SYS4.TLIB                                   >         >
    SYS00001 SYS1.BRODCAST                               >         >
    ISPPROF  USERID01.ISPF.PROFILE                       >         >
    ISPTABL  USERID01.ISPF.PROFILE                       >         >
    ISPPLIB  SYS3.PLIB                                   >         >
             SYS1.PLIB                                   >         >

Again use S in the prefix area to select datasets to add to the DDF display


Last updated: 21 Jan 2002