ISPF stats

ISPF stats can be viewed and modified. If you want to check whether a member exists, use the prefix command ST next to the member you want to check. If the member exists, a display will be given of the member's ISPF statistics like this:

-------------------------------- Member stats -------
 Command ===>

                        member   FRED
                       library   USER01.QUAL.WHATEVER

                Version number   01
            Modification level   08
                 Creation date   94/04/08
            Last changed  date   95/09/29
            Last changed  time   16:31
     Current number of records   48
   Beginning number of records   32
     Number of changed records   0
                        Userid   USER01

   Use command UPDATE to reset statistics

You can change any of the statistics at this point. Type UPDATE on the command line, and all the displayed stats will turn from blue to green. Simply overtype with the values you want. You must have security access (RACF or ACF2 or whatever you are using) to the dataset for this to work properly.


Last updated: 21 Jan 2002