Order of lines

The he order of display can be altered by several prefix commands entered under the CMD heading

Insert n lines. If n is omitted then 1 blank line is added
Repeat n times. If n is omitted then the line is repeated once.
Copy line. Used in conjunction with A or B4
Used with Copy or Move, where the line goes After the specified line
Use with Copy or Move, where the line goes Before the specified line.

B4 is used to avoid confusion with the much more commonly used B for Browse prefix command

Delete line
Exclude line from the display
See also the usage of the Show List and Show headings, which enable you to group lines together (e.g. for groups of datasets in the same project) and to control where they are in the list and whether or not they are displayed. These enable you to keep the most often used datasets at the top of the list.


Last updated: 21 Jan 2002