Browse and Edit

Looking at PDSs is done with these commands under the CMD heading.

If a member name is given under Member heading, edit it. If not, create and edit it.
If a member is given, browse it. If it's not found, create a member list using the member given as a pattern. If no member is specified, produce a list of all members.
Produce a full member list whether or not a member is specified.
As for B, but instead of Browsing a member, view it.
When you edit, broswse or view a member, DDF will produce a message giving the user, date and time of the last edit. If you are editing and the user was not you, the beep sounds. This helps to alert you if someone else has updated something you are going to update.
     These commands can also be used on sequential files, but not VSAM or other data that ISPF cannot process. The member field is ignored - it's not an error to have a member name, it's just not checked or used.


Last updated: 21 Jan 2002