Allocated datasets

You can type LA on the command line, which will generate a list of all the datasets allocated to your session giving the DDname and associated dataset(s) for each.

-------------------------- List of allocated datasets ---  ROW 1
 Command ===>

C  Member   DDname   Dataset name                   Stats
            ISPPLIB  SYS3.PLIB
You can now issue commands
   L ddname
   F membername ddname
The L command brings the first line of the concatenation for <ddname> to the top of the display, so that you can see what is in it. The F command finds <membername> within <ddname>, showing all instances, so that you can see where a command, panel, message or whatever is coming from. When the members are found, their ISPF stats are shown on the screen; so the response to F UTCDSM5 SYSPROC might look like this:
C Member   DDname   Dataset name              Stats
           SYSPROC  SYS3.CLIB
  UTCDSM5           USER01.USER.CLIST        01.34 95/08/18 12:05 USER01
Under the C heading you can enter e b or v, which will Edit Browse or View the dataset, producing a member list. If the member has been put in after using F to find them, that member will be edited.


Last updated: 21 Jan 2002