You can make DDF available to others both on your local machine and further afield.

Local use

Dissemination is done like this on one MVS image:

That's it!

You can keep track of what people think of DDF, if you want to. This is done by means of the survey dataset. If the DDFLIB dataset is:

then you can create a new dataset
which DDF will look for. It should be an FB(80) PDS or PDS/E. If it's a PDS it should have plenty of directory space because DDF will generate one member for each DDF user. All DDF users must have update access to the survey dataset and you should copy the member ZTEMPLAT from DDFLIB to it.

Every so often, DDF will display the ZTEMPLAT member to each user, asking them to fill in what they think of the product. DDF will then save it using the Userid as member name. DDF will also update the Userid's member on the survey each time they use the product; it will add one to the Mod field in the ISPF stats. Thus when you take a member list of the survey dataset, if you

you will see the last people to enter their views about DDF, which you can then look at, and if you
you can see who uses it most and how much.

Notify friends

If you like DDF, please feel free to tell your friends. You can either point out the web site, or if they have no internet access you can e-mail them and attach the Zip file from the site, telling them to un-zip and open their browser on file dfr01.htm.


Last updated: 21 Jan 2002